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Spring has sprung... a leak!

Clumps 23

Our winter sessions are coming to an end which can only mean one thing: the welcome return of our Whittenham Clumps hill sessions!

These sessions are probably tougher than the winter hill sessions given the terrain and well let's face it they are like Marmite. Some people hate them (who actually likes running up hills anyway, regadless of location?!) yet some people love them because, let's face it, you feel like an absolute champ for completing  the steps of doom... at least you do after the oxygen returns to your lungs!

Come rain or shine the clumps sessions really do bless you with some incredible views across the Oxfordshire countryside that you simply cannot get at any of our other interval sessions including most of our club runs.

Let's hope for nicer weather than the 2023 season where it really did seem like the gods were trying to punish those of us who were tearing around the clumps. It must have been at least the first month's worth of sessions where we experienced torrential downpours that started at 7pm on the dot and ending at 8pm on the dot!

Since it's been raining every other hour for what seems like an eternity all our fingers and toes are crossed for a lovely summer set at the clumps but even if the gods unleash hell again we will still be there with a big smile on our faces so why not join us.