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Miles of smiles!


Wow! What an amazing achievement!

This is the moment two of our fantastic coaches crossed the finishing line of the Arc of Attrition which is a 100 mile ultra marathon run across the stunning and dramatic Cornish Coastpath with competitors running through the challenging winter conditions and with strict cut-offs.

The checkpoints are a full 20 miles apart so all runners need to be fully self sufficient in this time. That includes, food water and most importantly the ability to not get lost! This one is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Looking at the finish photo though and I can't believe they are still smiling after all that time on their feet they look fresher than most people do after a parkrun or running back upstairs to grab that thing you forgot.

So well done ladies we are all very proud of you here at the Harwell Harriers and who knows, maybe this inspires someone to do something equally as stupid amazing!