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XC 2023 Starting This Weekend

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Mud glorious mud!

Remember being at school and having to do cross country runs and it was the worst thing ever? Well, good news! you were totally wrong.

The Oxfordshire Cross Country League is about to start this weekend and we absolutely love it. Sure, there's mud... there's a lot of mud but it's really great fun day out.

We get a bunch of harriers together, put up a tent grab some cake and some tea/coffee then go for a play in the mud like care free children!

The great thing about the cross country - like our hill training sessions - is that you truly feel like a champ for completing it and you'll have all the support from the rest of the the Harriers XC team. What's even better is that you don't really have to worry about your race times if you don't want to. Treat this as a team fun run is all we ask so what do you have to lose (apart from maybe the odd shoe in some mud!).