Kate Brook

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
Hey 😀
I'm Kate, one of the coaches.  I started running in my early 20s - thinking 10km seemed like a reasonable distance that a reasonably fit individual ought to be able to run....and became hooked.  I spent my 20s and early 30s in London working hard, partying hard and running hard!  We moved out of London in 2013 and I joined HH in 2017 after my third child was born.  I had always run alone prior to this so joining a club was totally new for me - but the club was so welcoming and friendly I didn't need to feel nervous.
I can honestly say my best running has come about in my 40s.  Meeting other runners in the club has inspired me so much and I have made some wonderful lifelong friendships.  The club is hugely supportive and has given me many opportunities that have enriched my running (and my life!)
The focus of my running now is trail and ultra marathons.  I am a HUGE fan of just running slowly for a really long time, preferably somewhere beautiful and hilly and, ideally, with my dogs in tow.  So hit me up anytime you fancy hitting the trails with some company - if I can come, I will! 
Love, Kate x