Our committee & Coaches


Nichola Poulton

About Me:

I started running around the time I turned 40 with Couch to 5k, working my way up to 10ks, then half marathons and then finally a marathon or two (having said that I would NEVER run a marathon!).

I love running at Wittenham Clumps in the summer as it will always lighten your mood once you have completed a session up there. You will find me at the Cross Country races in winter too - these are always a great test of character!

I never thought that I would join a running club and if you told a younger version of me that this is where I would be, then I would have laughed very hard. It is brilliant to be a part of such a warm, friendly bunch of people who all have a love of running in common.

My Role:

I am the club overlord.

Do as I say!

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Vice Chair

Martin Allen

About Me:

I'm one of the longest standing members of the club as I have been here since the club started. 

I started running when I hit 40 like many people with the goal to lose weight and since then I have completed 106 half marathons and 44 full length marathons!

I'm hoping to hit 50 marathons In 2023.

My Role:

I basically do what the chair tells me for fear of punishment like having to do 20 burpees. Scary stuff!

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Eleonora Cantini

About Me:

I'm a little teapot short and stout

Here is my handle

Here is my spout

My Role:

I'm pretty much like Janine from Ghostbusters right now!

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Matt Harwood

About Me:

Hi folks, I'm your friendly neighbourhood treasurer!

Like a lot of people I started running to keep fit and lose some weight (still waiting on that last bit) because apparently it is "good for you".

I only ever used to run by myself and I was never interested in races or events but since joining the club I've become a parkrun regular, done a bunch of half marathons and numerous other shorter distance races.

I think one of the greatest benefits of being in the club is being able to quickly improve your ability by running with others who push you to go further or faster than you realised you could. 

That said I also love that it's mixed ability and there is something for everyone here!

My Role:

As Treasurer my main duties are to manage the bookkeeping for the club as well as the Stripe card payments. I also have the the final say on what we can afford to spend club money on. 

If you ever need any support with payment problems please feel free to talk to me.

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Membership Secretary

Tom Atkins

About Me:

I still feel like a very new member of the club, starting back in January 2022 and just recently (Apr '23) taking over from the wonderful Claire Shorrock as Membership Secretary.

I started running properly back in 2019 and with Covid shutting everything down, I found myself with a lot, lot more time to train - I ended up aiming high (and ramping up my mileage way too quickly) and completed my first Ultra in October 2020. 

While I do run the odd road race and Parkrun (managed to sneak the win in the 18-39 Men's Club Championship last year), my real love is for the trails - the longer the better. 

Hopefully i'll be ticking off Ultra numbers 7&8 this year 🤞 I'm always happy to chat about running and i'm usually at one of the Tuesday evening sessions, in the BP bar for socials or enjoying one of our great Summer guest routes on a Thurs so please feel free to say hello at any point 👋

My Role:

My main responsibility as Membership Secretary is helping to support bringing new members into the club and processing renewals for all of our existing members.

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Social Secretary

Nicola Freeman

About Me:

Hi, I'm Nicola

I started running in 2017 after having my second child and have since completed 12 half marathons, 2 marathons, as well as lots of other local races!

I love being part of Harwell Harriers because it's so inclusive of all abilities. Even when my pace has taken a knock or I'm injured, everyone is still so supportive & encouraging.

My Role:

As Social Secretary I manage the Instagram account, post on the Harwell Harriers intro Facebook account as well as arrange social get togethers like the Christmas party and other social events through the year.

I’m always open to ideas & suggestions so feel free to contact me & keeping tagging the Harwell Harriers in your posts & stories!

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Female Welfare Officer

Hilary Savage

About Me:

I took up running in my late 40s as I needed to lose weight. 

I am not the fastest runner but have enjoyed travelling abroad to do various races. I then started to do triathalons which I really enjoyed. 

I have three dogs in the family and love running over the countryside with them. Sadly, Covid took its toll on me so I am the one at club nights bringing up the rear but the Harwell Harriers has been an absolutely fantastic club for me to be able to meet such lovely encouraging people whilst trying to keep up the running.

I love the social side of the club and everyone is so friendly. I decided to join the committee last year as a Welfare Officer to put something back into the club

My Role:

My role is to look after the welfare of club members. Whether that's supporting them after an accident/injury that took place during a club session, or being available for a chat should anyone want or need to talk.

Plase don't hesitate to reach out to either myself or the male welfare officer in confidence.

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Male Welfare Officer

Rich Stone

About Me:

Hello there! I experienced something of a running renaissance in 2020, when exercise was the only way to leave the house.

However, things really picked up when my friend introduced me to Harwell Harriers - with a 1:17 half and 2:54 marathon under my belt so far, I can confidently say I've not looked back since.

The social aspect of the club is amazing, and I always enjoy chatting away on the Thursday long runs. Everyone is so welcoming, friendly and encouraging, and the club atmosphere has turned running from being a sport I like to a sport I love.

If you ever want to talk training, racing or shoes then I'm your man. See you out there!

My Role:

My role is to look after the welfare of club members. Whether that's supporting them after an accident/injury that took place during a club session, or being available for a chat should anyone want or need to talk.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to either myself or the female welfare officer in confidence.

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Coaching Team

Head Coach

Alan Wood

About Me:

I started treadmill running in 2009 as a means to get fit, which led to my first half marathon that year and I've carried on since!

I joined Harwell Harriers in 2017, joined the committee as treasurer in 2018 and then moved onto the coaching team in 2019. 

It is great to support Harriers at training sessions as they pursue their goals (plus shouting orders has a certain charm as well!).


Kate Brook

About Me:

I'm Kate, one of the coaches. I started running in my early 20s - thinking 10km seemed like a reasonable distance that a reasonably fit individual ought to be able to run....and became hooked. I spent my 20s and early 30s in London working hard, partying hard and running hard! We moved out of London in 2013 and I joined HH in 2017 after my third child was born. I had always run alone prior to this so joining a club was totally new for me - but the club was so welcoming and friendly I didn't need to feel nervous.

I can honestly say my best running has come about in my 40s. Meeting other runners in the club has inspired me so much and I have made some wonderful lifelong friendships. The club is hugely supportive and has given me many opportunities that have enriched my running (and my life!).

The focus of my running now is trail and ultra marathons. I am a HUGE fan of just running slowly for a really long time, preferably somewhere beautiful and hilly and, ideally, with my dogs in tow. So hit me up anytime you fancy hitting the trails with some company - if I can come, I will!

Love, Kate x 


Sharon Rasmussen

About Me:

I joined the club in 2018 and became a member of the coaching team the following year, completing England Athletics Run Leader and Coaching qualifications.

Since joining the team I’ve found helping runners, of all abilities, towards their own goals every bit as rewarding as chasing my own.

I’m a huge fan of the club and it’s members. It’s a warm and welcoming environment where runners support each other and celebrate success - large and small.

We work hard but there are always laughs along the way.