Club Championships - An Introduction



What are the Club Championships?

Many running clubs offer an internal club championship league and the Harwell Harriers are no different. Club championships are a way to compete internally with your club mates. The premis is simple: run races, get points, gloat over your fellow harriers and at the end of the year we will present those at the top of the table with trophies.


How do I take part?

Taking part is also very simple. Just keep an eye on the dozen or so races throughout the year that we have designated as Club Championship races, turn up in your shiny green Harriers top and do your best!


How does scoring work?

The way the league works is that there are a few different age categories that you and fellow club members will fit into for both male and female runners (i.e. 18-40s etc).

At each of the designated races we take your finish time and calculate an age grading (you may have seen this as a % figure on parkrun results for example). These age gradings are then ranked within your age category. If you had the highest grading you get maximum points. If you got the lowest grading then you still get 1 point just for turning up.

There are also bonus points available for other events like running a marathon in that year.


I'm not very fast, this doesn't sound like it's for me


Let's be honest there will always be a few people who are going to be topping the leaderboard BUT that's only if they turn up to the events. You can't get points if you didn't attend.

Even so, let's change perspective here. Pick someone who is at a similar ability level as you and try to finish above them in the table to claim all the glory!